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Activities & Recreation

There are two sets of Horseshoe Pits located within the Park at the comer of Arsenal and Grand by the Stupp Center. They are available on a first come first serve basis. However, permits can be purchased to reserve a pit for a specific date and time. Please contact the Recreation Coordinator at (314)-771-4454 for more information.

Reservation Cost: $10 per 90 minutes

Basic Rules
The game can be played in singles, pairs or even teams, tournaments usually being singles.

There are different styles of play in horseshoe. Either by playing until a player reaches a predetermined number of points (generally 15), by playing 20 innings or by playing unil each player has tossed 50 times. While usually played with points among friends, tournaments and official regulations play by the later two guidelines.

To determine who goes first, there is usually a coin flip or a pre-toss to see who is closest to the stake.

The game begins as the first player tosses two horseshoes at the opposite stake (one at a
time!). While pitching, the player is not allowed to move past 3 feet of the stake or the shot is disqualified.

After pitching the first two shoes, the next player pitches their two horseshoes. After all
the shoes are thrown, everyone proceeds to the stake to calculate the points for that round
in the following manner:
• 3 points for a ringer
• 1 point for the closest shoe within 6 inches of the stake

Because the closest distance and ringers are calculated separately, it is possible to have a
ringer AND the closest ring, which would give a total of 4 points for that round. If a
player has both his rings closest to the stake, then he receives two points.

A ringer, the act of wrapping the horseshoe around the stake, requires that the imaginary
line drawn between both ends of the horseshoe encompass the stake. If the stake is
outside that line, or crosses through that line, it is only counted as a 'closest shot'.

The scoring in horseshoe is also one of cancellation, if you both get a ringer, then they
cancel out and neither player gets a point. The same holds true for being equally close to
the ringer, both points cancel out.

Once the inning is over, both players pick up their horseshoes at the other side of the
stake and switch sides.